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Alright, before you say, “Ugh, that piano’s horrendously out of tune!”….

 Yeah, I know. It’s a 102-year-old Estey Upright (it was built in 1912). It’s still in it’s original state. The real ivory keys are chipped. Some of them don’t work anymore. And even parts of the mahogany exterior have been worn down.

 But because it’s slightly out of tune and it’s really old (AKA it looks cool), I thought playing the Gravity Falls theme on it would add to the more haunting aspects of the melody.

 If there’s enough demand, I can do another video of the theme on the piano in my bedroom (it’s newer and in tip-top shape).

 But for now… GF theme on a 102-year-old piano it is. :D

(also, I’m a novice piano player, so be gentle with the critique)

this is so good :D





every time i read “straight people” i automatically picture the pixies from fairly odd parents


These kind of posts make me think bad of gay people. If you want to talk about how straight people are “closed-minded” then just look at this post. How do they expect to ever be respected if they constantly talk about straight people in this way. It really irritates me when I see posts like these.


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